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FIFA World Cup Qualifying – CONMEBOL: Argentina vs. Paraguay 2023 Latest Prediction

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The 2023 FIFA World Cup Qualifying campaign in the CONMEBOL region is in full swing, with South American powerhouses Argentina and Paraguay set to face off in a crucial match that could have significant implications for both teams’ World Cup dreams. In this article, we will delve into the latest predictions and expectations for this exciting fixture.

Argentina: The Powerhouse Looking to Secure Their Spot 

Argentina, one of the giants of world football, is currently striving to secure their place in the 2023 FIFA World Cup. Led by an array of talent, including Lionel Messi, the team is in a fierce battle with other top South American sides to claim a direct spot in the tournament.

Current Standing: Argentina is presently in the top four in the CONMEBOL qualification standings, which would grant them automatic qualification for the World Cup. However, they are far from complacent, as competition remains fierce in the region.

Form: The Argentinian squad has demonstrated impressive form recently, with an organized defense and an attack led by Messi, who remains one of the world’s top players. In their most recent outings, Argentina has shown resilience and consistency.

Expectations: Argentina’s expectations are, unsurprisingly, high. With a star-studded squad and a supportive fan base, they are aiming for nothing less than securing a direct spot in the World Cup. To do this, they need to maintain their strong form and continue accumulating points in each match, including the upcoming one against Paraguay.

Paraguay: The Ambitious Challengers

Paraguay may not have the same illustrious history as Argentina, but they are no pushovers. They have a strong footballing tradition and a team that can compete with the best. Paraguay aims to secure a World Cup spot and continue their proud footballing legacy.

Current Standing: Paraguay is in a decent position, currently hovering around the fifth spot in the qualification standings. This would earn them a place in the intercontinental playoffs, where they would face another team for a chance to reach the World Cup.

Form: Paraguay’s form has been a mixed bag. They have shown flashes of brilliance and resilience, but they have also faced inconsistencies in their performances. Their ability to secure a World Cup spot will depend on their ability to maintain a high level of performance.

Expectations: Paraguay’s expectations are significant, with a passionate footballing community eager for World Cup success. While they understand the challenges posed by powerhouses like Argentina, they believe in their team’s potential to secure a World Cup spot.

Latest Predictions

This upcoming match between Argentina and Paraguay promises to be a thrilling encounter. The outcome will be influenced by several factors, including the form of key players, tactical decisions, and the home advantage for Argentina.

Argentina’s Key Strengths

Lionel Messi: The Argentinian captain and all-time great is always a game-changer. His ability to create scoring opportunities out of thin air makes Argentina a formidable opponent.

Solid Defense: Argentina’s defense, which has been reliable throughout the qualification campaign, has the potential to thwart Paraguay’s attacking efforts.

Experience: The squad boasts experienced players who have faced high-pressure situations in World Cup campaigns, giving them a mental edge.

Paraguay’s Potential Advantages

Attacking Threat: Paraguay has shown that they can pose a significant attacking threat, making them dangerous on the counter-attack.

Set Pieces: Paraguay is known for its proficiency in set pieces, which can be a crucial asset in tight matches.

Desire: Paraguay’s desire to secure a World Cup spot can be a powerful motivator, driving them to give their all on the field.


While the outcome of any football match is never certain, it’s clear that Argentina holds the upper hand. Their form, the presence of Messi, and their home advantage make them strong favorites to secure a victory. However, Paraguay should not be underestimated. If they can capitalize on set pieces and catch Argentina off guard on the counter, they have a chance to earn a valuable point. 

Given the stakes and the quality of both teams, a closely contested match is expected. Argentina’s determination to secure a direct World Cup spot will drive them to play at their best, while Paraguay’s ambition will make them formidable opponents.


As the 2023 FIFA World Cup Qualifying campaign unfolds in the CONMEBOL region, every match carries immense importance. Argentina and Paraguay, two footballing nations with rich histories, will clash in a match that could significantly impact their World Cup aspirations. While Argentina is the favorite, Paraguay’s desire and strengths make them a team to watch.

Football fans around the world will eagerly await the outcome of this match, as it is sure to provide thrilling moments and possibly a few surprises. The path to the World Cup is fraught with challenges, and every point earned in these qualifiers is a step closer to football’s grandest stage. Argentina vs. Paraguay will be a clash of ambition and skill, and it’s a fixture that promises to deliver footballing excitement at its best.

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