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Affiliate Program

With 96in

About 96 Affiliate Programs!

Get up to 45% commissions for the first 3 months!

Timeline Overview: First 3 Months of the About 96 Affiliate Program.

How Does About 96 Referral Program Work?

When you refer 5 active members to in a qualifying month, you’ll begin earning a commission equivalent to 45% of the revenue generated by these players.

Active Membership for the First 2 Months:5 Individuals
Active Membership for the 3rd Month:15 Individuals
Revenue Share Percentage:45%
Duration:3 months

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About96 Terms & Conditions for First 3 Months

  1. Active Members Defined: Total deposit for the qualifying month is greater than or equal to 500, with a stake amount exceeding 1,000. 
  2. We do not compensate individuals who have previously registered an account on our website. If a customer is already present in our system or any other partner site’s system, they are ineligible to receive any compensation. Each customer is limited to a single registration with one mobile number, name, email ID, and bank account.
  3. This campaign holds validity exclusively for registrations made through the About96 affiliate program. Data tracking and performance evaluation commence from the registration date.
  4. We maintain the privilege to scrutinize all activity related to your involvement in the Programme, looking for potentially fraudulent activity or actions we deem, at our sole discretion, to be in bad faith or a violation of these Terms.

About96 Terms and Conditions Starting from the 4th Month Onward

LevelActive Deposited MembersNet Revenue (USD)Net Revenue Sharing
15 Active Deposited Member01 – 9,99930%
25 Active Deposited Member10,000 – 29,99935%
310 Active Deposited Member30,000 – 59,99940%
420 Active Deposited Member60,000+45%

Terms and Provisions of the 96 Affiliate Program

  1. You can achieve a revenue share of up to 45% through the 96 Affiliate Program. Your earnings increase with the number of players and revenue you generate.
  2. You’ll receive a monthly commission based on your player’s net revenue. Your share of the revenue will align with the designated Revenue Sharing Level.
  3. We will assess your revenue share on a monthly basis, considering the possibility of an upgrade or downgrade based on performance. 
  4. The revenue is determined by the net losses of your players, with bonuses excluded from the calculation.
    To qualify for your share of revenue, you must sustain a minimum of five (5) active depositing players per month, each with a wager of at least 1000 INR.
  5. The affiliate commission is scheduled for payment in the middle of each month. Any negative revenue (company losses or gains for the players) will be rolled over to the following month.

We highly esteem our partnership and the trust we share. Though we anticipate it won’t be required, please acknowledge that we retain the right to terminate this agreement and withhold payment if deemed necessary, without requiring explicit justification.

How can we help?

Generally, Affiliate is a way to earn a commission, every company has different terms and conditions associated with it. 96in offers great commission on its Affiliate program. You will earn up to 45% revenue share under the 96 Affiliate Program for the first 3 months. The more players & revenue you generate, the more you will earn.
You will earn a commission from your player’s net revenue on a monthly basis. Your revenue share will depend upon meeting the eligibility criteria of active members.
About 96 offers an amazing 45% revenue on its affiliate program offering attractive where you can increase your earnings with the number of players and revenue you generate. It is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs available.
All you need to do is to visit and follow all the instructions mentioned on it.
You can directly tap on Whatsapp icon and ask about the requirements of this program.
Trust is something that comes with the name of 96 platforms. Along with it, we promote responsible gambling and fair play opportunities for all. While there are plenty of other online platforms available on the Internet, they aren’t trustworthy enough to get in. Here at 96, we verify our users by doing two-step verifications.
Yes, joining 96 platforms is quick, easy, and free to join for all.
96in provides you a special dashboard where you can get all the net revenue data updated on daily basis. Revenue depends upon the active deposit members net revenue.