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Kabaddi Betting

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World of Kabaddi Betting: Tips, Matches, Apps

In recent years, Kabaddi has witnessed a tremendous jump in popularity across the globe, and So does kabaddi betting. The sport of kabaddi is played in many countries, and its popularity took a huge leap, especially after the rise of the pro kabaddi league. Kabaddi is extremely popular in South Asia, but this sport has yet to get recognition in the Olympics. As of now, the Sport of Kabaddi is played in Asian games at the highest level, along with tournaments like the Kabaddi World Cup, Asia Cup, South Asian games, National games in India, and much more played at different age group categories in the world. Game of kabaddi isn’t just about physical toughness, it’s all about mental, physical, analytical, and a lot of other factors. In the world of kabaddi betting gives you many opportunities for successful wagering by providing tips, analysis, odds, and a lot to explore.

01 pro kabaddi betting tips for favorable outcomes

The most common options available in About96 kabaddi betting are player performance, prop bets, handicap betting, match outcome, points over or under, predicting outright winner, etc Apart from that there are plenty of in-depth options available for bettors at

Tips to consider for successful betting at
  • Research analysis – Just like any other sport it is important to know about the requirements in a sport. Players’ potential, form, team performance, Weaknesses, Strengths, Team, and players’ ability to absorb and perform in pressure situations.
  • Stay with facts and your instinct – Keep your emotions away while betting. It happens with most people when they get tempted and start making decisions on emotional biases.
  • Keep yourself updated – About player’s news, injuries, recovery, performance in tournaments, etc. This can help you be informed about the risk you are taking.
  • Potential returns – Not all odds give you maximum returns, that’s why it is important to know about the odds of your bookmakers. Different oddsmakers have a little bit of difference in odds returns. Make sure to shop for the best odds for financial gains. You can also directly explore bookmakers like for better gains than others.

History of the game of Kabaddi?

What we see now is a form of modern kabaddi, it has a deep-rooted history in India. Initially, it is played within villages, to build strength and endurance, and involves physical contact. At first, Kabaddi was recognized in 1924 when the first national Indian national games took place. In 1950 Kabaddi Federation was made, and in 1986 Kabaddi was included in the Asian Games. After the 2014 Pro Kabaddi League, it gained immense popularity across the globe.

Rules and terms need to be known in Kabaddi.

  • Kabaddi is played between two teams
  • Each team has seven players on each side of the mat.
  • There are two main roles in the game: Raiders and Defenders.
Playing Area on the court
  • Modern Kabaddi is played on a rectangular court with having foam mat divided into two halves by a midline.
  • Mat dimensions measure around 12.5 meters by 10 meters for men’s kabaddi and slightly smaller for women’s kabaddi.
Match Duration
  • 40 minutes match with 20 minutes two half. 
  • There is a halftime break and teams change court after that.
  • Raiders enter the opponent’s half, touch as many defenders as possible, and return to their half without being tackled. 
  • The raider must also chant “kabaddi” repeatedly to prove they are not inhaling.
  • The maximum time for a raid is 30 seconds.
  • If the raider goes back to his court then a point is given to his team.
  • If got tackled then a point would be given to the opposition team.
  • If the raider does two empty raids then the third raid would be a do-or-die raid in which he has to score or he’ll be considered out.
  • A team can have 5 substitutions in which they can change the players.
  • If a team manages to get all seven players of the opposing team out, they score an “all-out” and earn an additional 2 points.
  • Kabaddi matches are officiated by referees who enforce the rules, award points, and make decisions regarding fouls and gameplay.
Pieces of equipment required in kabaddi?
  • Kabaddi Mat – Typically made of foam or other cushioning materials and covered with a non-slippery surface.
  • Kabaddi Court – Boundary lines marked, defines the rectangular playing area. Dimensions may vary as played by women and kids have different mat sizes.
  • T-shirt and shorts – Players wear a T-shirt and shorts, which have their team’s logo or colors.
  • Ankle Supports – Ankle supports provide extra stability and prevent ankle injuries.
  • Shoes – Players should wear comfortable sports shoes with good grip.
  • Mouthguard – Not always used, but sometimes players opt for a mouthguard.
  • Wristbands – To clean the sweat while being on the mat.

With the growing popularity and a unique mixture of tradition and modernity kabaddi has emerged as an eye candy in the universe of sports gambling. However, it is crucial to know the rules, and pieces of equipment needed, most importantly Kabaddi betting tips include player performance, prop bets, handicap betting, match outcome, points over or under, predicting outright winner, In-depth research, analysis, and maximum potential returns, responsible gambling.


Before getting into Kabaddi betting one should know

What is kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a traditional Indian sport, that evolved from a rural pastime to a professional sport, and the pro kabaddi league in India has played a crucial role in regaining kabaddi popularity. Earlier, the game of kabaddi was majorly played in the Indian subcontinent like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, & Iran. Once it was introduced in the Asian Games in 1986 countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand also started playing the sport. Nowadays after seeing the immense popularity of the Pro kabaddi league and interest in the game, kabaddi has been started in many European, American, Australian, and African countries too.

Are the leagues played in Kabaddi?

Yes, there are leagues in Kabaddi-playing nations. India has a pro kabaddi league, and Iran has a national tournament for it. Pro kabaddi has played a crucial role in changing the kabaddi. This league revolutionized the whole sport by making it more appealing to viewers. Which eventually gains users’ interest in it. After the pro kabaddi league, the international kabaddi federation changed the rules of kabaddi and adapted the rules of pro kabaddi for international and domestic matches.

What do you need to know in the pro kabaddi point table?

Initially, when pro kabaddi was started in 2014, it had 8 teams and all the teams played two matches with each other, and top four teams qualified for the semi-finals, and then the winners of those matches played for the final.

Now after gaining immense popularity, later 4 teams were added, and now there are 12 teams.

  • They are divided into two groups 6 teams each. 
  • Teams play 2 matches with each team in their group and one match with the team of the other group.
  • The top six teams qualify for the next round, out of which teams on the first two spots of the pro kabaddi point table directly reach the semi-final 1 and semi-final 2. 
  • The remaining four teams played eliminators like the number three spot having a match with the number five spot, and the number four spot having a match with the number six spot.
  • Winners of these matches qualify for the semi-finals, and then winners of the semi-finals have their final pro kabaddi match.

How is different from other kabaddi betting apps or kabaddi betting sites?

In the world of betting, there are many kabaddi betting apps and sites available that claim to give maximum potential returns to the bettors. But in reality, they do the exact opposite of what they claim. is one of the sports gambling sites that offers in-depth research, analysis, and maximum potential returns, responsible gambling for Kabaddi betting. The most common options available in About96 kabaddi betting are player performance, prop bets, handicap betting, match outcome, points over or under, predicting outright winner, etc also promotes responsible gambling, fair play, and positively supports the game.



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