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Asia Cup 2023: Possible Venue Relocation for Final and Super-4 Matches

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Asia Cup 2023 Venues

As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the Asia Cup 2023, a potential venue change for the tournament’s Final and Super-4 matches has thrown a curveball into the mix. The anticipated showdown might no longer take place in Colombo due to the looming threat of rain, leaving cricket authorities pondering alternative options.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC), in collaboration with Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), is currently mulling over the prospect of relocating the Final and Super-4 matches to a more rain-resistant venue. This decision is driven by the desire to ensure the integrity of the tournament and to minimize the risk of weather-related disruptions.

According to Sri Lanka Cricket, three potential venues have been identified as contenders for hosting these critical matches: Pallekele, Dambulla, and Hambantota. Each venue brings its unique characteristics and challenges to the table.

Pallekele, a picturesque hill town, is currently hosting the Asia Cup league matches. However, despite its scenic beauty, the threat of rain looms large over this location as well. The possibility of matches being affected by inclement weather has prompted cricket authorities to explore other options.

Dambulla, situated approximately 70 kilometers from Pallekele, presents a more promising outlook regarding weather conditions. The region experiences a lower likelihood of rain, making it an attractive choice for hosting the Asia Cup matches. However, there are concerns that the Rangiri International Cricket Stadium in Dambulla might not be fully prepared to host a significant number of matches on short notice.

On the other hand, Hambantota emerges as a strong contender due to its consistently favorable weather predictions. The Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium in Hambantota is currently under scrutiny to assess its readiness to host the crucial Asia Cup encounters.

The ACC faces a looming deadline for making a final decision, with the Colombo leg of the tournament scheduled to kick off on September 9. Sri Lanka, as the co-host of the Asia Cup, remains committed to delivering a seamless and rain-free tournament experience. With the unpredictability of weather conditions, they are determined not to leave this prestigious event at the mercy of the elements.

It’s worth recalling that Sri Lanka stepped in as the Asia Cup co-host following the innovative hybrid model proposed by former PCB chief Najam Sethi. This model divided the tournament between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, with four matches scheduled to be held in Pakistan and the remaining nine matches in Sri Lanka.

As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate this high-stakes tournament, the venue for the Final and Super-4 matches remains a topic of great interest and debate. The decision regarding the venue change will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the Asia Cup’s overall success and the experiences of both players and fans alike. Cricket authorities are now tasked with carefully weighing the pros and cons of each potential venue to ensure the smooth progression of this prestigious tournament.

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